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Congratulations! You've received the Top Critics Award Grant from the Cappies of Greater Cincinnati. 

Please complete the form below. When your first semester of college begins, we will contact you to obtain your student ID number so that we can send the funds directly to your school's Bursar.

Do you accept the Top Critic Awards Grant?
  • I am not directly related to any of the persons involved in the scholarship award process.

  • I authorize the Cappies of Greater Cincinnati to release information regarding my scholarship to my school and the media.

  • I agree to send the Cappies of Greater Cincinnati a report on my progress at the end of the final term for which I am being funded. Should I withdraw from my college during the semester, I will return this award to the Cappies of Greater Cincinnati.

My study plan is listed below. Please note that any changes to your study plan could mean a change in your award amount and/or could affect your eligibility for this grant.

If you do not yet know your plans, please fill in the anticipated date of your first semester of college.

I will attend

I will be attending for

I will be registered as 

My major will be

My first semester begins

By providing your name and date in the fields below, you provide your digital signature.

Thanks for submitting!

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